March 2019

Ermahgerd it’s spring!!!

Well, so says the calendar at least… What it is for sure though is the March edition of your monthly market Snapshot!

Yes, yes, you got me, I skipped the February edition, whatever… I’m here now and that’s what counts! Didn’t we all just crawl into a hole and try to forget February was happening anyway? It is the worst month… Except that it was my mom’s birthday (happy birthday mom!) and Valentine’s Day and I went to Florida… ok, February was fine I guess…

But it’s March now and I’m back with some fresh stats, some news, some photos and some fundraising demands – yes, it’s that time of year again folks, when I reach out for your generous support as I gear up for the 70k CN Cycle for CHEO! There is more info about this below but if you are going to be lazy (ahem), and not read the whole newsletter, you can skip to the most important part now and donate via this LINK.

For the rest of you keeners… onward to the content! 😀

12 Month Sales Snapshot: Residential

  • During the month of January 2019, 611 residential class properties were sold, with an average sale price of $432,829, an increase of 1.5% over January 2018.  
  • February’s sales included 756 in the residential property class, a rise of 3.8% from a year ago, with an average sale price of $466,540, an increase of 8.6% – bazinga! – over February 2018.

12 Month Sales Snapshot: Condominium

  • During the month of January 2019, 209 condominiums were sold, with an average sale price of $283,990, an increase of 7.7% – whapah! – over January 2019.
  • February’s sales included 249 in the condominium property class, with an average sale price of $288,354, an increase of 5.6% – badabing! – from this month last year.

First time buyers, what to make of this….

There were some interesting new incentives for first time buyers coming out of the new federal budget announced last week… A lot remains unclear at the moment – specifically with respect to what would need to actually be paid back in the long run – and I am a little on the fence as to whether this will actually help home buyers or simply create another mechanism to inflate home prices…

It’s always best practice to judge for yourself (and also I am getting sleepy!) so here is the link to the Ottawa Citizen Article, which gives a pretty good overview…

CN Cycle for CHEO

After having to take last year off due to injury, I am so excited to get back on the bike this spring for my 7th year participating in the 70k CN Cycle for CHEO! (I’ve been spinning all winter too, so this year I might even be in shape for it!).

I’m raising funds to ensure that CHEO remains a leader in creating better treatment options and finding new cures so that more kids survive cancer. Please donate today by following this link, or, even better, join me for the ride on May 5th!!

PS and FYI… This newsletter is being written much later in the evening than I had intended because I was searching for old CN Cycle for CHEO photos to make this mantage and I fell into a facebook photo scrolling abyss…

I went to Florida and brought you back this photographic triptych entitled: The beach, that house, and a bird.

That’s all for March friends! See you all in April – which will, I hope, feel more like real life springtime… If you miss me before then don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @KaylaMeyer613!